Positive behaviour policy


Open Doors aims for every member of the school community to feel valued and respected by promoting an environment where all feel happy, safe and secure. Good behaviour is the key to a good education. Parents are encouraged to work with Open Doors to support children’s good behaviour so that home and school are consistent in what they expect of each child.

The aim of this behaviour policy is to

a) Reinforce good behaviour

b) Use a positive teaching system to increase the child’s self- esteem and thus help to achieve more

c) Understand that behaviour can change and every child can be successful

d) Treat all children fairly and apply the policy in a consistent way



Open Doors students are expected to be considerate, courteous and co-operative. They should be sensitive to the needs and feelings of those around them. Honesty and respect for other people and property are paramount. The emphasis will be on self – discipline and consideration for others.



The behaviour policy emphasises a positive, pro-active approach to good behaviour. Good behaviour is expected. There will be times when sanctions and punishment will play a part in discouraging and correcting unsuitable behaviour. Any punishment or sanction will encompass the following

a) The reason for the punishment or sanction will be communicated to the student and parent.

b) It will be proportionate to the seriousness of the offence

c) It will focus on the unacceptability of the behaviour and not the child itself.

What constitutes unacceptable behaviour is at the discretion of the Open Doors staff and will be communicated to the student and parent concerned. Open Doors retains the right to decide if a student remains in the programme for academic or behaviour reasons. There is no automatic passage to the next class if any issues remain unresolved. Open Doors staff are required to assure the welfare of the whole class and cannot be distracted in terms of time or energy by one child.


DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE – to be considered as an exception and not a rule

a) When a problem occurs, parents will be contacted and will be invited to school with their child for a discussion with the teacher concerned. A correspondence book will be introduced and will be completed each week by the teacher, to be signed by parent and student.

b) If, after 3 weeks of continued behavioural issues, there is no improvement, the student will be invited to a meeting at school with its parents, the teacher, the President of Open Doors and an additional member of the Open Doors committee for an exceptional disciplinary discussion.

c) If unacceptable behaviour continues, Open Doors can consider suspending the student on a temporary, or ultimately permanent basis from the school.


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