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Dear Parents,

Open Doors is an Association. We employ all of the teaching staff and the Administrator.

Each and every parent of each child enrolled at Open Doors automatically becomes a member of the Association for the academic year. The Association is overseen by a small team of parents who volunteer to join a committee elected each year at the AGM.

At minimum, the required officers/committee members are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Furthermore, other parents can be elected if willing to serve on the committee and participate in the Association’s life to help achieve its goal in supporting our children improve and learn, and providing a very high level of quality English teaching.

The current committee is comprised of parents who have been part of Open Doors for most of their child’s time spent with us. Their children are nearing the end of their education at Open Doors; we therefore need new blood to help run the school.

Legally, we need an elected group of parents to come forward as volunteers to form a committee for next year and beyond. The roles are not onerous in terms of time required to oversee the running of the school. The administrator is required to run the school with the guidance and help of the parents via the committee.

Please contact Shirley, our administrator, or myself, if you would like to become involved and ensure the perennity of Open Doors.

It is a wonderful adventure that began in 1986, nearly 40 years ago. I can only hope many of our members, sensing how vital their contribution, will feel the urge to join the committee as soon as the next AGM to help shape and run our children’s school for the years to come.

Ulysses Jalon


Please contact Shirley at to volunteer.


1) Authorization for someone other than yourself to collect your children and/or for your child to leave school unaccompanied

POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR POLICY and further commitments

Open Doors aims for every member of the school community to feel valued and respected by promoting an environment where all feel happy, safe and secure. Good behaviour is the key to a good education. Parents are encouraged to work with Open Doors to support children’s good behavior and well-being so that home and school are consistent in what they expect of each child.

The aim of this behavior policy is to:

  • a) Reinforce good behaviour
  • b) Use a positive teaching system to increase the child’s self- esteem and thus help to achieve more
  • c) Understand that behaviour can change and every child can be successful
  • d) Treat all children fairly and apply the policy in a consistent way


Open Doors students are expected to be considerate, courteous and co-operative. They should be sensitive to the needs and feelings of those around them. Honesty and respect for other people and property are paramount. The emphasis will be on self – discipline and consideration for others.


The behaviour policy emphasises a positive, pro-active approach to good behaviour. Good behaviour is expected naturally. There will be times when sanctions and punishment will play a part in discouraging and correcting unsuitable behaviour. Any punishment or sanction will encompass the following:

  • a) The reason for the punishment or sanction will be communicated to the student and parent
  • b) It will be proportionate to the seriousness of the offence
  • c) It will focus on the unacceptability of the behaviour and not the child itself

What constitutes unacceptable behaviour is at the discretion of the Open Doors staff and will be communicated to the student and parent concerned.


  • Step 1 - When a notable problem occurs, parents will be contacted and invited to school with their child for a discussion with the involved teacher. Following this meeting a correspondence book will be introduced and will be completed each week by the teacher, to be signed by parent (and student if in age) until the matter is resolved. An incident log will be filed and communicated to the head teacher and administrator.
  • Step 2 - If there is no material improvement in the following weeks, the student can be suspended accordingly to the school’s assessment.
  • Step 3 - If unacceptable behaviour continues, parents will be invited to a meeting at school with the teacher and the President of Open Doors for an exceptional disciplinary discussion after which Open Doors can consider suspending the student on a temporary, or ultimately permanent basis from the school.

There is no automatic passage to the next class if any issues remain unresolved.


Open Doors staff are required to assure the welfare of the whole class and cannot be distracted in terms of time or energy by one child in particular. Therefore, Open Doors retains at all times the right to decide if a student remains in the program for academic or behaviour reasons.




The fees (subject to change) for the coming academic year have been set as follows:

  • Maternelle 2: 1 230€
  • Maternelle 3: 1 540€
  • Primary: 1 180€
  • Class 6: 820€

Payment can be made via a wire transfer for the full amount, or alternatively via 3 checks that will be cashed on 1st September, 1st November and 1st February.

Families living IN Saint Nom La Bretèche

A 5% discount is granted to families living in Saint Nom La Bretèche.

The non-refundable 250€ deposit fee has already been presented. The balance remains to be paid:

  • 3 individual checks each for One single bulk wire transfer
  • Maternelle 2 306,16€ 918,00€
  • Maternelle 3 404,33€ 1 213,00€
  • Primary 290,33€ 871,00€
  • Class 6 176,33€ 529,00€

For bulk payment to Open Doors

IBAN: FR76 1820 6000 6706 7921 7500 109

Families living OUTSIDE Saint Nom La Bretèche

The non-refundable 250€ deposit fee has already been presented. The balance remains to be paid:

  • 3 individual checks each for One single bulk wire transfer
  • Maternelle 2 326,66€ 980,00€
  • Maternelle 3 430,00€ 1 290,00€
  • Primary 310,00€ 930,00€
  • Class 6 190,00€ 570,00€

For bulk payment to Open Doors

IBAN: FR76 1820 6000 6706 7921 7500 109

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Here at Open Doors we take your privacy seriously and we are committed to using your personal information in accordance with our responsibilities.

We are required to provide you with the information in this Privacy Notice under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679);‘GDPR’.

How we use student information

We collect and hold personal information relating to our students. We use this personal data to:

  • Support our students’ learning
  • Monitor and report on their progress and attainment
  • To keep children safe
  • Provide appropriate pastoral care
  • Ensure children attend school and families are supported with this
  • Assess the quality of our services

The information which you give will also be used for the following purposes:

  • Personal identifiers and contacts (such as name, contact details and address)
  • Characteristics (language, parent background)
  • Special educational needs
  • Medical and administration (such as doctors’ information, child health, dental health, allergies, medication and dietary requirements)
  • Attendance: sessions attended, number of absences
  • Assessment and attainment (such as key results)
  • Behavioral information

How we collect student information

We collect student information via the above registration form at the start of the school year or before admission.

To ensure your child’s information is kept safe we have the following controls/limitations in place:

  • The information will not be used for any purpose other than those stated in this notice
  • The information will be held within secure systems/locations
  • The information will only be shared for lawful purposes
  • The information will be held for 5 years after students’ departure
  • The information will be held, used and shared in accordance GDPR which came into force on 25 May 2018
  • Under the GDPR, the lawful basis we rely on for processing student information are Articles 6 and 9 of the GDPR

Who processes your information

Open Doors is the data controller of the personal information you provide to us. This means the school determines the purposes for which, and the manner in which, any personal data relating to students and their families is to be processed.

Open Doors’ Secretary is the designated data protection officer. His/Her role is to oversee and monitor the school’s data protection procedures, and to ensure they are compliant with the GDPR. The data protection officer can be contacted via the school office.

We will not give information about our students to anyone without your consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so. When you give your consent for your child’s information to be held and/or shared for any purpose you can withdraw that consent at any time by contacting the Administrator

Under data protection legislation, parents and students have the right to request access to information about them that we hold. To make a request for your personal information, or be given access to your child’s educational record, contact the Administrator.